Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Pictures

I've found more pictures of andrew from the soap awards, i give credit to Pri Pri from the hollyoaks forum for all of these.

Also please go visit here:

Join up, the site has pictures of andrew as well as other stars

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Congratulations Hollyoaks

They finally did it, Hollyoaks won two awards at last nights British Soap Awards.

Congratulations to Ellis (Tom) for winning, Best Dramatic Performance By a Young Actor

Congratualtions to Chris (Justin) and Ali (Becca) for winning, Best Storyline

In the gallary ive added some photo's from the Hollyoaks forum that i have found of Andrew. Credit goes to both Rodmann and The Sock Queen.

I will also add some pictures from the awards themselves in the next hour or so.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hollyoaks Hunks

We didn't travel thousands of miles just to get a nice tan. The new calendar's been shot, so ... how's it looking?

Sardinia has long been famed for its beaches, vineyards and gold mines. But now budding travel agents can add the 2007 HOLLYOAKS HUNKS Calendar to the list. Upon arrival, we soon discovered that the remote beach location wasn't just a way of losing the paparazzi, but part of the theme.

That's right, these boys have been pumping iron for weeks so that you can see them bearing up to some Sardinian survival techniques on a monthly basis next year. Fancy seeing Guy Burnet catching fish, Chris Fountain handling his spear or Kevin Sacre hauling around his chest? Best keep your eyes peeled this autumn
when the calendars hit the shelves.

Go to the forum to see sneak peaks at what the calender will look like and a first chance to see the two new male characters stripped down!!

Andrew Interview

Thanks to Sarah for this:

Star Choice
Q. What was the first record you ever bought?
A. Band Aid's original Do They Know It's Christmas? I think that must have been the first single most people my age bought.

Q. What was your favourite childhood film?
A. I really loved Drop Dead Fred which is a crazy comedy starring Rik Mayall and Phoebe Cates.

Q. What's the most embarrassing album you own?
A. It has to be the soundtrack to the movie Grease. I used to listen to it in my drama school days. The songs on it are so cheesy!

Q. Who's the best singer in the Hollyoaks cast?
A. It's definitely me! I used to be in a band called Hiatus. We were a dance/metal band, with hip-hop beats. We supported Wheatus - who had a hit with Teenage Dirtbag - on tour!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


The sweet scent of summer has landed firmly in Chester. So, why are our male cast upping sticks and jetting off?
Are the long days at the studio getting too much for them? Have they just had enough of the canteen food? Stress perhaps? Actually, the lads had a date booked with a photographer to shoot the 2007 'HOLLYOAKS HUNKS' calendar ... in Sardinia!
After an epic bus journey to Luton and little sleep, the lads were greeted at the airport by a myriad of film crews and photographers. The actors found the whole experience a little jading and boarding the plane one cast member seemed to have forgotten a few essentials ... like his passport.
That wasn't going to stop our stars on their calendar quest. A safe landing in Cagliari was followed by a mountainous ride to the hotel before the fun in the sun really kicked in. So what was said fun? And how hot was said sun? Watch this space for more in due course...

I will post a small interview with andrew later from insidesoap magazine.

Comment below or on the forum, about what you think of the new calender

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Sorry for the downtime peeps, there is currently no new information that i can put up apart from spoilers....... if you could help me out then email me at:

Oh, and thanks to Sarah for this interesting fact:
The Scar on Andrew's chin happend when he was trying to open a bottle with his mouth.

Monday, May 01, 2006

For you all!

Tonights talking point!


Watch hollyoaks tomorrow to see whats going on, with Rhys and Sarah

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hey Guys

Howdy, just want to say thanks to those who have sent pictures in ill put them up soon. Also i am still wanting more if possible.
So email me at:

I would also like to point out that i am NOT Andrew and am in no contact with him what so ever at this moment in time as i have recievd emails asking for signed photo's.

Although you can write to andrew at:

F.A.O Andrew Moss
The Mersey Television Company Ltd
Campus Manor
Childwall Abbey Road
L16 0JP

If you want signed photo's send a self addressed envolope with postage on.
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